Vape or e cigarettes have evolved in the people eye in recent years. In the beginning, these devices are introduced as an alternative for traditional smokers trying to quit.

The proliferation and diversification of e cigarettes in nicotine, tobacco and smoking marketplace has generated anxious that these e cigarettes may act as a gateway to smoking and a way of renormalizing smoking.

According to the research, e-cigarette use is related with an increased risk of future initiation of cigarette smoking and current cigarette smoking even after adjustment for potentially confounding, psychosocial, demographic,  and behavioral risk factors.

In contrast, in the United Kingdom, researchers did not find evidence of such a strong relationship between adolescent e-cigarette use and subsequent smoking initiation.


According to research, vapes have been declared to be at least 95% safer than traditional cigarettes. This is because the vapes  do not contain combustion, tar or ash, the components that make cigarettes harmful to health. Due to the reduced carcinogenic load, the vapors are effective in reducing the health risks of smokers.

Another benefit that vapes offer as an alternative to smoking is the way in which they work. Although nicotine patches and gum exist to help smokers quit using nicotine, they do not offer an alternative to the physical habit.

Vapes not only allow users to control nicotine intake through the e-liquid used, but also mimic the motions of smoking. For smokers who are trying to quit smoking, being able to perform movements without exposing themselves to further damage can help them in their rehabilitation.


Vape is a fashion in young generation

In this digital time, the obsession with technology has touched almost every aspect of life. It’s no surprise that smoking culture has taken its own path to a more modern aesthetic.

 In this world which has easy access to people through internet, smartphones, vapes look and feel both modern and futuristic. People watch videos on social media and get influence in vape smoking

Earlier versions of e-cigarettes were designed to resemble traditional cigarettes, making them inconspicuous among smokers.

These days, instead of blending in, vape manufacturers are choosing to stand out with more mechanical, tech-inspired designs. The vape market is filled with a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, finishes and designs to satisfy all kinds of contemporary tastes.

Vape is designed after a long meeting with scientists and penal of the company which gives permission and add modern features in every new vape. Add in the reduced risk for smokers and vape becomes a high-tech way to vape and smoke well.


It is people’s interest and popularity of vape that it becomes simple smoking device to highly modern device in young generation. People smoke vape for fashion and for habit.

Vape manufacturers work with well-known designers to create vapes that are functional and up-to-date with the latest styles. Serious smokers and vape collectors alike can find a variety of vapes to suit their needs.

The shape of the vape can easily be modified to suit the complete subject of your wardrobe or to be an eye-catching piece that stands out on its own. Design, color, flavor, size all these things express personal style of people

 Celebrities and social media influencers flaunted their own decorated vapes and started trends with vape designs and kits to match.

Vape also influenced the fashion world itself. Due to social media, designers customize new designs of vape to attract youth towards fashion. Vape plays important role in promoting fashion through vape culture.

Models walk on the ramp having vape to promote new look of clothes and influence people towards new fashion clothes. Models also have bags of different brands which are specially designed to have vape in them. This technique helps brand to promote their brands in public.


Vapes covered a long distance from the beginning, it converted people from cigarettes ( which are caused of heart disease etc) to E cigarettes which are 90% nicotine tobacco free. It doesn’t only minimize health risk of smokers, also a symbol of sophistication.

In other words, one can conclude that e cigarettes or vape has become a fashion of time. Smokers use vape in replacement of tobacco. Vape has less affects on health and it is also helpful to quit the cigarette habit.