Smoking is a way to burn the tobacco and inhale it through cigarettes, pipes, or electronic devices and release it from mouth. Smoking is an ancient time practice. About 2000 years back, Americans used to produce tobacco.

Historians say, it was Christopher Columbus who discovered tobacco in Europe. Europe started cultivation of tobacco in 1531. Till 1700s tobacco became need and first industry of tobacco developed.

Tobacco industry grew up with the passage of time. First cigarette making machine introduced in 1800s. At that time that machine produced 200 cigarettes per minutes. Although speed of machine was slow but it was very famous at that time. It was the first time when tobacco companies were allowed to expand their business.

It was strange that smoking increased during world wars. It was the policy to give cigarettes to troops for boosting their confidence and release tensions. Allied troops got free cigarettes to increase their morale.

In 20th century, smoking ratio went down because of deaths which were happening at that time due to smoking. People left smoking for health insurance. At that time, people understood the fake advertisement of smoking by companies. People started protest against companies.

Smoking in Modern Era

Nowadays, smoking has reached to modern level. There are so many different ways in market to smoke. There are different types of smoking devices has come in the market. Some electronic devices also available for smoking.

Smoking is a common habit in both young and elder people. Not just male, also female are equally participating in smoking. People from every country of the world has indulge in smoking. Although some countries have banned smoking but illegally smoking is going on in those countries too.

The countries which have highest ratio of smoking are Tuvalu48.70%, Myanmar 45.50% Chile – 44.70%, Lebanon – 42.60%, Serbia – 40.60%, Bangladesh – 39.10%, Greece – 39.10%, Bulgaria – 38.90%.

Developed countries like USA, UK, France, China, Russia, Germany, Australia etc. have strict policy regarding smoking. These countries allow smoking to adult people. On the other hand, under developing countries have rules on smoking but not able to implement on people. That’s why not any developed country exist in highest smoking ratio.

As smoking ratio has come down in developed countries, smoking companies has focused on developing nations like Africa, Asia, middle East, etc. In these countries, smoking ratio is high in comparison with other countries. The weak governance system also helps to promote smoking in these countries.

According to a survey, 10 million people dies every year through out the world because of tobacco. 70 percent people in 10 million belongs to developing nations. Bad governance of that nations allow companies to sell harmful smoking stuff.

Although, smoking has long history. People from ancient times used to produce tobacco. But it’s effects on life are harmful. It causes cancer in humans. It allows different disease to attack on person. Developed countries have get rid it quit a bit but developing countries sounds not interested to eliminate smoking from the country.