Smoking is a slow poison for Humans’ health.

Tobacco contains nicotine, which is addictive and harmful. Cigarettes hold more than 7,000 chemicals, which can be unhealthy for the human body. Several diseases are caused by smoking.

It damages the Human body,s organs.

Nearly every organ in the body of humans can be damaged by smoking.
Smoking can cause a high rate of risk for heart, kidney, lungs, liver, eye, mouth and throat disease.
A person who smokes and is addicted to smoking dies ten years earlier than average non-smokers

Smoking can cause heart diseases, which means there is a high chance of getting a Heart Attack.
People who smoke can also catch the disease Tuberculosis (TB).
Smoking is one of a cause of cancer. It is directly attacking the lungs of a person that can drive the person to death.

More than 480,000 people die from smoking worldwide every year 

Many people around the world die because of smoking. (including the deaths by secondhand smoke) 

Many people started smoking underaged.

Each day Many underage teens smoke their first cigarette.
More than 10% of underage teenagers around the world use tobacco products.

Most of the smokers are young adults.

Young adults have the highest ratio of smokers around the globe.
The percentage of Youth aged 18-24 is about 23%.
Young adults in the age group of 23-34 have 24% of smokers .

Many smokers struggle to quit smoking every year.

Smoking cessation can be difficult for the person who is addicted to it. Every year many smokers decide to quit this habit. But only a few of them quit the habit of smoking successfully. 

Quitting the addiction to smoking can save the person from dying at an early age

Smoking cessation can save the life of the person and can save the lives who die from secondhand smoke.
If a person quits smoking, the chances of getting cancer and heart attack decrease.

After quitting Smoking the person might feel different moods at the time.

A person who quit smoking might feel different emotions at that time because the body is readjusting. Quitting from an addiction is not very easy for every person.
Most people will feel severe headaches, will get annoyed at little things.

After quitting smoking the person starts to crave it again because the cigarettes contain nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive substance found in tobacco products. Regular intake of nicotine can make a person get addicted to it and because of nicotine addiction, it gets difficult for people to quit smoking.

It takes 10-15 years approximately to recover the body organs of a person, after quitting smoking. 

Smoking cause intense damage in body organs but after quitting it, the body starts to heal itself.
Quitting this habit is advantageous for the health of a person who smokes. 
Taking the step of quitting smoking is great for their health.
A person’s lung functions take about 1 month to begin to improve.
Quitting smoking at any age can decrease the chance of disease that the person may catch.