Electric smokers are among the best diverse food products. Smoking has been used alternatively for different purposes since ancient times. It is used to process and preserve food internationally. Smoke is also used for cooling or cooking purposes. The smoke in the refrigerator gives preservation to food, whereas in electric smokers, which is the modern technology product is itself a time to save and live the saviour option for many who works daily. Tea, bacon, meat and chicken have been cooked through the smoke.

It is traced from stone and cave dwellers that used smoke as a cooking tool and apart from this many countries had it as a signal to alert men in the phase of danger or attack from rivalries. Different cultural norms, tribes or nations used it for distinctive purposes. Later, other spices and salts were discovered were also used to preserve the meat. However, the latest technological advancements have taken place rapidly and changed the current era into less time consuming and in even terms of travelling and trade convenient to all people worldwide in the developed or third world developing countries.


Cannabis before tea recipes was discovered, used in a royal family and after feast women used to smoke. Many old folks and chiefs of the different tribes smoked Cannabis in what we call “hookah” as a tradition. In the late 50’s tobacco was discovered and it was started to produce in mass quantity in the nineteenth century. In a social gathering, it also became a part of traditional values. This also increased trade and pipes were obtained in all different sizes and even as a decorated piece.

An electric indoor/outdoor kettle smoker is available at economical prices in the USA. Due to hectic daily routine, many have obtained this kettle which can also be used outside the home to make tea. In this smoker, only hot smoke is created. The vent is also designed for dry or wet smoking.

VapeBazaar is one of the selling websites in Pakistan, which promotes and sales different vapes. Vape is an electrical device which produces smoke, and the various flavour is also bought from tobacco shops to fill e-liquid in the tank. Without this e-liquid, a vape doesn’t create smoke. Another aspect to be noticed is that enough battery life is also required. Vape has been considered as the most efficient way to get rid of smoking cigarettes’ habit. In the USA or Other Western Countries, it can be bought conveniently if compared to cigarettes which are sold very expensive.

Some electric smoker like, “The rich people buy cold Smoking Kit” for bacon and wood chip is used to create cold smoke, unlike hot smokers. Usual New Digital Electric Smokers have less versatility and reaches hold cycle when the food is cooked or when achieve the desired temperature. This function is now also available in hot wet/dry electric smokers. There are new features that keep the food warm until they are not removed from it. Providing enough large space for 8-10 chickens. We can take up an example of “Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker” which is available on websites like shoppingbag.pk.

Cookshack Amerique in this individual smoker, they let you set your desired temperature and when one returns from work the food would be ready and warm and automatic hold cycle when the food is cooked or reach the desired temperature. It doesn’t provide cold smoke. It is specially designed for Bar B Q lovers with the intense smoke system. It’s more significant efficiency gives the same taste as you experience from the real fire smoke. Another one, Smoking Tex Pro Smoker Model 1500, which doesn’t offer much versatility, but also a convenient way to cook. All you need is to set the temperature right and no vent adjustment required. It’s one of the best cooking machines as it doesn’t expect anything but an instant automatic, preprogrammed smoker. This is especially for those who don’t know how to cook. However, there are certain drawbacks which naturally tend to make people lazy. This will also lead to lots of recipes and less skill in household chores.

Best Electric Smoker

1. MASTERBUILT 40” 20070311
3. MASTERBUILT 30” 20070910