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Our Mission and Vision

Pink Jams! is a Washington, DC area non-profit promoting early detection and breast cancer awareness to young men and women. By combining an important early detection and awareness message with fashion, art, social events, and live music, we are reaching out to men and women under the age of 40 – our target audience.

Launched in 2009 after the loss of a 35 year old friend, Pink Jams! works with local breast cancer organizations, young survivors and their families, media and news organizations, and medical professionals to advance its mission. In the end, our goal is to save lives and to eradicate the misconception that breast cancer screening should begin at age 40.

What makes Pink Jams! events unique is the live music. Every event we host partners with local, regional, and national artists giving them the opportunity to donate their time and talent to a cause that can affect us all.

Mission: Our mission is to save lives by promoting breast cancer awareness and early detection among younger men and woman (ages 18 – 40) by combining live music and the arts community (art, fashion, social events) – making the discussion of early detection and the on-going fight against breast cancer more comfortable and engaging to a younger audience.

Vision: "Great Music for a Great Cause" - Pink Jams! commitment to the fight against breast cancer is really about trying to save lives. Inspired by a friend who, at 35, lost her battle breast cancer, we will organize and engage young people in our efforts in promote awareness and early detection.

"Talking about early detection is serious, but doesn't have to be somber."

In order to fight the misconception that breast cancer only affects people later in their lives, and to engage younger men and women, it is important to reach out to them using their specific existing areas of interest:  live music, social and networking events, arts, fashion, and social media. We encourage and provide an outlet for talented artists and musicians to work to promote breast cancer awareness also.

Pink Jams! provides small grants to local breast cancer charities that provide screenings and mammograms, health education, and direct services to breast cancer patients and their families.


  • First and foremost: WE WANT TO SAVE LIVES!
  • To promote breast cancer awareness to women and men under the age of 40 – where so many other organizations are encouraging us to worry about it starting at age 40.
  • To combine the interests of young people with breast cancer awareness, through the use of the arts and live music communities.